Best Practice: Why Your Organization’s External Network Matters

The Brief
If social media has taught us anything, it’s that our web of connections and proximity to others is converging daily. Is your organization missing out on the relationship capital in its external network?
Business development strategy often starts internally. But what if organizations turned to external constituents instead?

All of your organization’s external stakeholders
investors, supporters, donors, or sponsorshave valuable networks that could be tapped more fully. The first step is gaining access to their world. But why is the external network the place to start?

Organizations Are Closer than They Seem

The average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times during their career. Executives join new firms, experts transition across teams, and companies go through layoffs. This constant change is an opportunity for organizations’ networks to overlap in unexpected ways. 
Does your organization have tools to track employment changes across companies? Do you know where past colleagues now work? How many potential clients and business partners could you discover with more insight into companies’ overlaps? 

You Will Create an Unbounded Resource 

Networks and relationships are always growing. More than ever, there are ways to maintain those relationships and stay top of mind. But doing so as an individual is not enough. When your organization looks at its relationships collectively, it becomes clear that your targets are within reach. Greater transparency into your relationship capital enables you to visualize and activate your full network.
Your organization’s external network matters. Are you taking advantage of its potential? 
Learn more about how RelSci’s research and relationship mapping platform can help you get in front of the people that matter. 

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  1. Our Organization’s External Network is necessary to contain violence and form Young leaders in a Cross-cultural environment, a democratic and free Voice of woman to eliminate gaps on her rights, freedom and affiliation to political ambitions empowering her economical independence. Thank you for supporting.

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