When to trust your gut

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These articles come from the nonprofit RelSci 5, our weekly newsletter for and about organizational leaders. Its curated articles and insights revolve around a different theme each week to help you do your job better. This week’s theme is Data vs. Your Gut 

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1. Data and donors. 

As nonprofits consider the role of data in their operations, one org, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, has already started employing donor information to rate contributors and encourage engagement. Does this ranking system hold the key to more effective fundraising?

+ What leaders at the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind are spearheading the charge?

2. Sync your board. 

How many times have your board and your executive team been like ships passing in the night, or worse, clashed head on? Isn’t this supposed to be a win-win relationship? Well, sure, but you’re going to have to put in some work before your board and management can fall into step with each other. Start by establishing a collective vision

3. Trust your gut…sometimes. 

There’s something to be said for intuitive decision-making, and that something is: don’t try it unless you have years and years of experience behind you to back it up. Here’s why.

+ From Fundraising Compass, “The Power of Big Data: Why the Numbers Matter“.

4. 5 ways to show board members their value.

While everyone loves a board of directors with deep pockets, too often, these big-ticket donors fulfill only a small part of their potential while occupying a seat at your org’s table. Getting them to engage, however, often means showing them just how valuable they are, and it starts with some appreciation

5. The end of the humblebrag.

RelSci provides a relationship capital platform that helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. Learn more at relsci.com.

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It’s so frustrating when science finally catches up to what you’ve known all along, am I right?

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