What’s MINE is yours with the new RelSci app MINE

It’s here – a trusty sidekick app that tracks all the important doings of contacts in your network. We think it’s pretty awesome—why wouldn’t we? It’s ours—but don’t take our word for it. 

The Wall Street Journal, in a story about the app’s launch, suggests MINE will end your days of “Google-stalking former colleagues.” Here’s how the Journal explains what MINE can do: “You’ll know when, for example, your former boss gets a new job, your old sorority sister makes a big charitable donation or your father’s business partner is involved in a large investment deal.” 

These alerts matter because relevant information smooths the way to the kind of communication that builds and nurtures relationships. And our relationships, as RelSci’s CEO Neal Goldman explains to the Journal, “are still underutilized.”

Ready to try out MINE?

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