What you don’t know about client retention

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1. What your sales team is doing wrong.   

For members of your sales team, there may be no skill more critical to lead generation than relationship building. So why is almost everyone astoundingly bad at it? The reason, or so we suspect, is that networking is a very nuanced and highly subjective social dance with few set rules. Here’s what your organization can do.

2. How retaining every client hurts your business

It’s not exactly the stuff leaders’ dreams are made of, but it’s a fact of business that occasionally, you must trim the fat if you want to grow. That means employees and, counter-intuitively, certain customers as well. Here’s why retaining every client can actually be a bad thing.

3. Why you need to diversify, seriously.   

On why our unconscious biases are keeping our executive suites predominantly white and male, and what we can do about it

4. What Cuba means for Airbnb 

Capitalizing on the easing of travel restrictions to Cuba, Airbnb has become one of the first American companies to establish itself in the country, listing approximately 1,000 Cuban homestays on its site this week. But with limited internet access on the island, and tensions only just beginning to ease between the two countries, is this a sustainable location for Airbnb?
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5. Why Uber needs Joe Sullivan 

In an attempt to weather a storm of security issues around the globe, Uber has stolen Facebook’s chief security officer Joe Sullivan and installed him as its first ever CSO. Sullivan, a former federal prosecutor, will helm both digital and physical security for the company, which is facing a slew of sexual assault lawsuits from passengers. So, can Sullivan keep passengers safe and stymie the litigation before it becomes an even bigger problem for Uber?
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