What the Cook is preparing


The Brief
This post comes from the RelSci 5, our weekly newsletter for and about finance leaders. Its curated articles and insights revolve around a different theme each week and will help you do your job better. This week’s theme is Skills, Skills, Skills. 

1. Say it straight. All the expertise in the world doesn’t matter at all if colleagues and clients can’t understand you. But this is no push to hone presentation skills. Rather, this is to extol the everyday ability to communicate in a clear, consistent manner. It’s called forthrightness and it’s a key differentiator among investment managers, according to the CFA Institute. 

2. The Write Stuff. Speaking of communication, when is the last time you wrote a full sentence? Cheesy newsletter subheads and email subject lines aside, strong compositional skills help you focus thoughts, engage employees and disseminate organizational knowledge. We’re not advocating Bezos-level obsessiveness, but, hey, whatever works…

3. What the Cook is preparing. Unless you were in a cave this past Tuesday, you saw CEO Tim Cook announce the creation of the Apple Watch. And while smartwear nerds dissolve in ecstasy, managers should be pondering how Cook got where he is in the first place, and the intelligent risks he’s taken to make the game his own.

4. Networkers behaving badly. Building a healthy web of connections takes a certain level of skill. Destroying it is, on the other hand, alarmingly simple. Here are four bridge-burning moves? to avoid at all costs.

5. Just because. It’s time to invest in hand sanitizer. And masks. Maybe one of those irradiation booths, too. Because your office is seriously gross. 

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