What nonprofit fundraisers can learn from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs

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silicon valley leaders

1. Lessons from Lincoln. 

Last week marked both the anniversaries of the end of the Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. While 150 years have passed, the art and science of persuasion still owe a lot to our country’s 16th president. Take, for example, the master class that is the Gettysburg Address

+ From the RelSci blog, “7 Great Moments in Presidential Relationship Building“. 

2.  Impostor Syndrome or confidence problem?  

Women are told to lean toward overconfidence as a way of combatting the drag of Impostor Syndrome. But what if confidence is not the real issue

3. Thought leadership.

There’s nothing like a meeting to squash original thought. The vilification of groupthink has led some organizational behaviorists to advocate for meeting-free operations. But, not so fast. Face-to-face time has its advantages. Here’s how, as meeting leader, you can keep the most egregious of the collective biases at bay

4. Attracting the next generation of donors. 

A new wave of tech giants with deep pockets are looking to invest—right now. Billions of dollars are being donated by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, with a caveatthey want control over their donations, which means nonprofits need to start rethinking how they recruit and nurture this new donor type. Taken from our new white paper, here are three (and a half) strategies to do just that.

5. Go home, already.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg leaves work at 5:30 every day, and you can too, without the crippling guilt you might expect! Here’s how


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