What all that networking jargon really means

Every profession comes with its own litany of buzzwords, slang and shorthand. IT has its “pings,” “deployments” and “sunsets.” Financiers speak of “leveraged buyouts” and “FIFO.” And while not a part of any one industry–though critical to success in every line of work–the practice of networking has started to accrue its own set of jargon, each phrase a little more obscure than the last. What’s a warm introduction? How does human capital differ from social capital? Am I doing reciprocity right?

To help shed light on all this lingo, we at RelSci put together our own Uncyclopedia of Networking, a collection of words and phrases connected to relationship building. Use it to cut through the noise at your next conference or start a dinner party conversation. For an abbreviated list of top words, check out our piece at Entrepreneur, or download the fully illustrated version right here. And start on your way to relationship capital clarity.

RelSci provides a relationship capital platform that helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. 

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