5 Reasons you should be using the RelSci mobile app

The Brief
If you already use RelSci at the office, you know what a powerful tool it can be for discovering and developing leads, generating new revenue and enriching your relationship capital. But did you also know you can take the power of RelSci with you wherever you go? Yeah, we know, you already have a ton of networking apps on your phone or tablet. Well, maybe it’s time to declutter. Here are five reasons the RelSci app is the only one you need. And for more on each feature, watch our recent webinar.  

1. Stay up-to-date. 

Last-minute opportunities for making new connections crop up all the time. Lack of advanced notice or frequent business travel is no excuse not to have your homework done. RelSci’s app syncs with your desktop platform, helping you to grow your web of connections with access to more of your contacts and news items about all your them, whether you’re on the train, in a cab or in a meeting.

2. Traveling for work?

Using the app, access RelSci’s Power Search tool to identify companies and individuals you want to connect with in your destination city. Filter by industry, sector, revenue, donor type, and more. Then, create and refine lists of leads and run them against your firm in Path Finder to find the people you have in common who can provide warm introductions.  

3. See in 360° degrees. 

It’s critical that you stay on top of the promotions, mergers and other industrial movements impacting your connections; each one is an opportunity to reach out and make contact, to strengthen a relationship. RelSci’s 360° Alerts, available on the app and shareable among your contacts, provide that vital information while blocking out traditional social media “noise.” You can even set daily email alerts, receive push notifications and when integrated with our new beta calendar interface, see headlines for your meeting participants.

4. Grow your book of business. 

If there’s one thing we’ve stressed when it comes to networking best practices, it’s preparation, preparation, preparation. With the RelSci app, you can add contacts on the fly, so you can get to know your leads before you meet them. RelSci’s people and organization profiles give you in-depth access to job history, education, even prior donations, so you’ll be set before your next conference or that impromptu cup of coffee. Beyond your contact’s bio, RelSci profiles give you quick access to lists of people you may have in common, which opens up opportunities to ask for further introductions

5. Find your warm introduction…fast. 

You already know that a warm introduction beats a cold call every time. RelSci’s Pathfinder tool spells an end to cold calls by mapping out your connections—and your firm’s connections—to millions of industry leaders and entire organizations. While viewing your connections to a given firm, swipe left to see your colleague’s paths to that same company. Create and modify entire lists of people and orgs you want to connect with and run them against your firm or your other contacts to find the best access point. With Pathfinder on your phone, you can make the most of your sales and fundraising meetings by creating a web of strong, actionable leads. Time-saving and tactical? Yes, please.

RelSci helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. 

Have you downloaded the RelSci mobile app yet?

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