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1. Time to open up.
If you’ve ever cried during a commercial for chocolate bars or life insurance, you might have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur or team leader. Vulnerability, whether displayed in front of your team or a group of VCs, sets others in your favor. Your employees will feel safe enough to pitch ideas and be more motivated, while potential investors will appreciate your honesty and consider you trustworthy. Call it a win for the sensitive ones.

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2. 3 reasons you should ask for more favors.
Sure, reaching out for help, advice or an introduction can be nerve-wracking. But asking for a favor actually makes you look pretty good. 
Here’s why.

3. R&D? Try corporate VC.
As large companies like Intel and and Citigroup race to strengthen their brands against the specter of disruptive innovation, they’re 
utilizing internal corporate venture units to invest in all kinds of start-ups that align with their mission, heading off the competition while benefiting from an influx of intellectual capital. The question is, is this just a repeat of the turn-of-the-century dotcom bubble bust?

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