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1. Do you lead or manage? 

The success of a team is often tied to the quality of the person in charge. But, of course, it’s one thing to manage and control a team. It’s quite a different thing to lead a team. So, which category do you fall into?

2. What is the “C Factor”?

How do you get your team to be smarter? Fill it with smarter people? Actually, no. New studies show that collective intelligence, the “c factor,” as researchers call it, is based not on the IQ of individual group members, but on the “social sensitivity” of team members. How do you up your team’s social sensitivity? Start by adding more women

3. 5 Social networking blunders. 

Social networking is still the wild west in terms of business etiquette. Even on the right platform, the best social media intentions can go awry, especially in the workplace and most especially when your boss is involved. But don’t just take our word for it.

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