Trending this week: 3 new ways to think about your leadership traits (and strengths)


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leadership strengths

1. Big Data: A leader’s crutch?

Here’s the thing about metrics: while they are inordinately helpful in helping to track, judge and guide performance, they’re also a really, really big crutch for weak leaders, and that can spell disaster for your mission. Here’s what you need to look for behind that data.

2. The 3 surprising qualities of every great hire.

What traits do you look for when building out a team? Are any of these on your list? They should be. 

3. Quiz: Which social network are you?

We all carry a little bit of our social media personas around with us at our jobs and with friends. So, which social network do you line up with most in real life? Take our (highly scientific) quiz to find out.

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