Three huge networking mistakes

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1. Three huge networking mistakes. Whether you’re utilizing your network for job opportunities, client acquisition or subject matter expertise, chances are you’re making one of these three common networking mistakes, and they’re costing you dearly.

 2. The power of suggestion. Opportunities for client acquisition don’t always announce themselves with a trumpet flare. Instead, you need to recognize openings in everyday chitchat and learn how to convert them into leads. With a few magic words and a conversational pivot or two, you can turn a casual question on the markets into a coffee meeting and a potential new client. You just have to know what to say.

 3. How to keep your employees. Period. No leader likes it when a high-performing employee quits, but watching a successful advisor walk out the door often means waving goodbye to their clients as well. Which is why it’s critical to look for the warning signs that your advisor might be jumping ship and address them stat, before the exit interview. A few signposts along Resignation Highway?

  • A recently updated LinkedIn profile
  • A history of short tenure
  • Underuse of a top performer

Or, try sending a clever email…
+ Email this link to your two smartest (or favorite) colleagues:

 4. All your leads in one place. When it comes to client acquisition, no one has time to cast the proverbial wide net anymore. RelSci’s Power Search tool lets you plumb 3.5 million profiles by industry, company type, title and much more. After that, it’s easy to sort your leads and create customized lists for your team. The coffee you buy at your first client meeting? Well, that’s on you.

 5. Just because. You know the world’s in a bit of a nutty place when Charles Barkley’s handing out cogent work/life advice. Listen to Sir Charles discuss the only five jobs he considers to be actual, well, jobs and why being miserable just isn’t worth it.

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