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These articles come from the nonprofit RelSci 5, our weekly newsletter for and about organizational leaders. Its curated articles and insights revolve around a different theme each week to help you do your job better. This week’s theme is Get Out of Your Mind. 

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1. Shine in meetings. 

Just because you’re technically not the person leading the meeting doesn’t mean you can’t be seen as a leader while you’re there. It’s not about being noisy. It’s about the quality of your offerings. First step to impressing in the conference room? Find a “meeting mentor“. 

2. Quiet the bias. 

Aside from whatever else may be impacting your organization’s fundraising goals, one of the most pervasive problems is right inside your head. Confirmation bias, the tendency toward looking for evidence to support our own pre-conceived notions, and using those to make our decisions, can cripple the grandest corporate sales strategy or nonprofit fundraising campaign, before it ever gets off the ground. Here’s how to kill confirmation bias before it kills your mission.

3. Leverage your employees’ brands.

How did Human Rights Watch boost their communications strategy and turn their staff into a 200-person army of Twitter “champions?”

Our burning question:
Who in their 
leadership team fostered this championship culture?

4. What does big data mean to your nonprofit? 

A local firm sends 20 volunteers to your organization for a volunteer day. They see it as a chance to offer invaluable help. You see it as a major headache. Why?

5. The dark side of corporate voluntarism. 

How can nonprofits address the biggest obstacles to big data collection and analysis–whether that means increasing executive buy-in, finding the right tech or adjusting scope? We asked three experts to weigh in, and lucky for you, recorded the whole thing?

Our burning question:
Why do so many nonprofits focus solely on wealth when identifying new donors, when other assets like influence and reach can be 
just as impactful to their mission?


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