The Network Effect

The Brief
How can your firm engineer serendipity? In an ?article ?published in Inc. yesterday, Greg Lindsay demonstrated through real-life scenarios how RelSci uses the people your organization knows to find a pathway to the powerful people you don’t.

RelSci suggests the future of networking—and of social networks—will radically reduce the role of luck…RelSci is trying to map that world, especially the professional part of it, with increasing detail, precision, and context…Already, universities and nonprofits are using the system to identify new donors; bankers, lawyers, and headhunters prefer it for burrowing into prospective clients; and investors scour it for insiders who can satisfy due diligence ahead of deals.” So writes Lindsay in his feature in Inc.

Lindsay and RelSci CEO Neal Goldman also appeared on NPR’s The Takeaway with host John Hockenberry to talk ?about the article and the future of social networking. Lindsay says, “This is where innovation comes from, when you bring together the right combination of people at the right time and the right place.”

?Read the full article?, listen to the interview ?here?, and discover how RelSci can help your organization build better business relationships. 

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