The (ir)rational bet on Tesla

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Every week we find, and highlight, five people or companies that are having an impact on the financial sector (from Wall Street to Silicon Valley and everywhere in between). 

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1. Tesla

With promises of futuristic supercars and cultish appeal, Tesla has solidified itself as a brand with a loyal fanbase—and that’s translated into a 24.1% increase in revenue this year alone. But for a company that’s never turned an annual profit, is it smart to go all-in on Tesla?

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2. Home Depot

As the housing market regains its footing, home improvement retailer Home Depot has high hopes for 2015. The chain recently raised its earning forecasts for the year, predicting per share earnings of up to $5.36, well above analysts’ earlier expectations. With a $1.6-billion acquisition of Interline Brands planned for Q3, what will the next 12 months look like for Home Depot’s stakeholders?

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3. Viacom 

With ad revenue down a whopping 9 percent due to tanking TV ratings, Viacom didn’t have much to celebrate this week. Neither did investors, and the company’s stock slid 15 percent. Having already executed layoffs and invested in ad tech, what else can the flagging giant do to combat the slow death of traditional pay-TV?

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