Product Update: 360° Alerts: The Big Data You Need

The Brief
We get the news. We see social updates. We try to keep up with our relationships—professional and personal. But what about news on our relationships that could move business forward? Introducing RelSci 360° Alerts, our new business alerting service. 
Targeted alerts on the people you do and want to do business with is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. When a trigger event happens, such as a client’s merger or a new executive at your prospect’s organization, are you in the know and ready to reach out? What insights can you share to continue the conversation and channel it towards your goal? What information helps you let others know you are engaged in their world?

Tap Into the Signal

360° Alerts brings the stories to you so you always have an eye on the people and organizations that matter to you—without having to keep an eye. This feature will transform the way you stay informed about the people and organizations most critical to your success.

What you Get

  • Revamped Homepage: View top news around your relationships and customized ‘My Watch List’ straight from the homepage.
  • Daily Email Snapshot: Receive a daily email that will help keep you informed of recent news on the people and organizations you care about.
  • 360° Alerts Search Tool: Find relevant intelligence on people, companies, topics, or industries of interest to you. 
  • Related Intelligence: Discover timely information not just about the people most important to you but also the companies and organizations in which they are involved. 

When you have instant access to top news on your leads, prospects, and current clients or donors—career changes, company mergers, recent achievements, industry trends—you quiet the noise and start opening doors. With the right intel, you know how to restart the conversation at the opportune moment. 

Move quicker on deals. Build better relationships. Do more with each day. 

RelSci 360° Alerts is a new business alerting service from Relationship Science. It provides RelSci users automatic alerts on the people and companies important to them.  

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