Tesla Partners with Home Depot – Introducing RelSci’s Partnership Announcement Topic

Consistently among the top home improvement retailers in the country, Home Depot has over 400,000 employees worldwide and is approaching $95 billion in annual revenue. And this positive growth trend is not likely to slow down anytime soon, especially after the recent partnership announcement between Tesla and Home Depot.

A Closer Look into the Tesla-Home Depot Partnership 

The home improvement retailer and car dealer turned space explorer are an unlikely pair. Tesla Co-Founder, Elon Musk, and Home Depot Co-Founder, Kenneth Langone, are pioneers in their different fields. Their membership in the Giving Pledge, a campaign to encourage the wealthiest people to commit to making charitable donations, highlights their philanthropic nature.

Through this new partnership, Home Depot will extend their support in the promotion of renewable energies by displaying Tesla’s PowerWall and solar panels at hundreds of locations across the country.

RelSci’s Path Finder tool combs through thousands of publicly-verified data points to reveal connections between any entity and any entity. According to our database, here are the various ways Tesla and Home Depot are connected:

Tesla Home Depot PathFinder - Partnership Announcement

These are the top three of 49 total paths connecting the two organizations.

Elon Musk Ken Langone PathFinder - Partnership Announcement

We were also curious as to how Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Home Depot Co-Founder (and RelSci Board Member) Kenneth Langone are connected. Surprisingly, they share a powerful network of influential decision makers, including BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink and JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

Elon Musk RS Profile Partnership Announcement

Introducing RelSci’s Partnership Announcement Topic

Whether you’re a fundraising professional at a nonprofit looking for a new funding stream, a researcher at a financial institution focusing on business development, a student fresh out of college searching for your first job, or hoping to find that thought-provoking article you vaguely remember seeing online last week, everyone uses search functions at some point to achieve their objectives.

A generic search bar can feel overwhelming with its hundreds of word combinations providing you with endless results. It can be difficult to decipher which keywords are most relevant and the method of search to use – Boolean operators, proximity search, nesting search, etc.

RelSci’s 360 News and Alerts enables you to target your search to produce the news articles that matter most to you. Your search can be as broad or specific as possible to find what you need. Afterwards, receive a personalized digest of news on people, organizations, industries, charitable causes, or business topics such as mergers and acquisitions, executive moves, and more. One of our more recent product updates has been to add the topic “partnership announcement.” This new feature allows you to see when companies, departments, or people initiate a partnership or their intent to form one. Next time a partnership like the one between Home Depot and Tesla is announced, don’t be the last to know about it.