Social Networking at Work: 5 embarrassing blunders


Today, we launched a video with YouTube prankster Jena Kingsley in which she poked fun at our social media habits by seeing how they play with no device involved. Hint: They look pretty ridiculous. But even on the right platform, the best social media intentions can go awry—especially in corporate settings.

In fact, social networking is still the wild west of business etiquette, as the following first-person real life faux pas—all culled from RelSci staffers—show. 

Watch the new video below, then see our favorite social networking mishaps and share your best ones! 

1. Auto-Discorrection 

“Although social media operates at a quicker pace than email, typos remain unacceptable. One time, I was participating in our #relationshipcapital twitter chat, and I wanted to say ‘hi’ to a new participant before answering his question. Unfortunately, autocorrect intervened and instead of saying, ‘Hello, yes RelSci can … ’ I wrote, ‘Hell yes RelSci can … ’ Highly enthusiastic, mildly inappropriate.” 

2. LinkedOut

“I get a ton of LinkedIn messages from headhunters, even though my profile states that I’m not looking for new opportunities. The most uncomfortable message I ever received was from one of our business prospects who wanted me to join his venture. He came into our offices to see a demo, but it turned out he was only feigning interest to get to know me and my skill set better. A few of my follow-up emails went unanswered before I got a LinkedIn message telling me why I should quit to join him. Not cool.”

3. Facebusted

“I was using Facebook to prep for an interview with someone I had never met. Searching through his profile—and, um, maybe some of his friends—I accidentally tagged him while clicking through photos. Suddenly I was the stalker candidate.”

4. LovedIn

“I was helping my team find a new hire through LinkedIn. We’d been reaching out to strong candidates with a form letter, but we also had some freedom to customize. Unfortunately, on one I got distracted and signed off with ‘XOXO.’ For some reason the candidate did not respond.”

5. Bosses with Benefits

“Leaving work to go to my best friend’s wedding, I accidentally tagged my boss in the Facebook status update alerting friends of the upcoming adventure. It wasn’t until the next day, when I read my friends’ well wishes—with their very specific recommendations for how to enjoy the wedding—that I realized my blunder! Fortunately, we laughed about it when I returned to work.” 

RelSci is a technology solutions company that helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. 

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