Oh, the horror: scary stories from the world of networking

Here at RelSci, we may live, breathe and eat networking, but that doesn’t mean we’re immune to the awkward encounters, missed handshakes or other sweat-inducing nightmares that lurk behind every human-to-human interaction. In the spirit of Halloween, several brave but unfortunate members of our team agreed to (anonymously) share their most embarrassing networking story, in the hopes that you might be able to avoid them. Read on, and take caution.

“At my last job, I met with a partner of our company who was going to introduce me to some people in his network, in order to help build up our client base. He asked me to a dinner and I asked if I could bring my boyfriend, who is also in the industry. The partner made it very clear he meant for the dinner to be between only him and me, as in, a date. Needless to say, it didn’t work out for us.”

“The CEO of my company and I were rushing to a meeting. Once we arrived at the building, we jumped out of the taxi and bolted for the revolving door. I was so focused on making the meeting in time that I hopped into the same section of the revolving door as our CEO. It was even more awkward because he never acknowledged it or laughed it off; it was just never spoken of again.”

“My boss asked me to go to a client’s event on his behalf. I stayed for hor d’oeuvres and a few drinks and thought the evening went really well. Just as I was saying my goodbyes one of the men who was throwing the event pointed at me and loudly said, “You’re a vendor! You weren’t supposed to get an invite!” He was joking, but it was so awkward I’ve declined every invitation from him since.” 

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