Resource Center: Strategies – RelSci Lists (Part 2)

Now that you’ve taken time to learn about which lists you should load into RelSci and how to do so, it’s time to discover why they are so important. As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, RelSci Lists offer unique workflows. While this is true, it may be better to think of lists as offering unique solutions.

For instance, you may want to uncover connections to guests of an event you’re attending. Or maybe you want to be more specific, and uncover connections specifically to event attendees who are alumni of your alma mater and work at a Fortune 500 company. Alternatively, you might want to keep up-to-date with the attendees in the news. All of these can be accomplished with the use of Lists, and I’ve broken them down into easy step by step instructions below.

1. Pathfinder & Lists: Uncover Connections to an Attendee List

Identifying a relationship web or connection pathway to 50 attendees or targets individually can take a lot of time, especially if you are reporting out the pathways. You can increase your efficiency and save time by loading them in as a list and pathing to the entire list. Or you can path from one list to another list, a few interesting examples:

  • Path from a current client list to a target list
  • Path from a foundation list to a prospect list
  • Path from an attendee list to the same attendee list (This allows you to see how all of the attendees are interconnected)
  • Path from a potential board list to a politically exposed individuals list

RelSci Lists

2. Power Search & Lists: Narrowing Down an Attendee List

RelSci Lists

If you wanted to narrow down your attendee list before identifying paths to it, or see if any of the attendees meet specific criteria you can use Lists with Power Search. Simply place the attendee list (or another list of individuals) in the ‘Appears on’ field and search specific criteria within this list.

Additionally, you can search for individuals associated with a company by loading in a list of organizations and selecting it in the ‘Who are at’ field.

3. Alerts & Lists: Staying Smart on Attendees

RelSci Lists

You can quickly stay on top of the attendees or any other list of people or organizations by using Lists in conjunction with 360° Alerts. Go to the home page of RelSci and click ‘News Search’ right underneath ‘My 360° Alerts’. You can then input your list and create a custom news alert source to receive updates on those individuals or companies.

For questions or help with setting up lists and using RelSci, reach out to