Resource Center: How Do I Even Start Using RelSci?

Relationship Science: “We bring science to the art of building business relationships.”

At Relationship Science, also known as RelSci, we focus on the science behind professional relationships. (Sorry ‘single and looking’, no dating function here…) This can mean passively keeping tabs on old acquaintances, or actively combing your network for an introduction to a prospective client. Want to find new potential donors? Our tools have that covered. Learn more about someone who’s presenting at a conference? Yup, and if they’re not in our database, ask us to add them.

Think we might have something of value for you, but can’t quite put your finger on it? Maybe you’re excited about the potential of our tools, but a little overwhelmed when it comes to pushing buttons. You’re in the right place — our new Resource Center blog series.

RelSci’s tools, just like the tools of any scientific discipline, become much more powerful with a bit of training. We have hundreds of data points on millions of people all over the world, with an endless combination of tools and filters to find what you need. We hope that the resource center’s information on tools and use cases will help you figure out (1) what you want from RelSci and (2) how to get that information. So whether you’re vetting RelSci as a potential client, dipping your toes in for the first time as a user, or an avid user looking to explore some more capabilities, take a look around and check back regularly as we add more information. The resource center will be your “go-to” place for understanding the tools available to you in RelSci’s Lite, Pro, or Enterprise plans.

Have questions? If you’re an enterprise customer, reach out to your RelSci representative. If you’re a pro user, be sure to use the chat function or check our email newsletter for the next webinar dates. If you’re new to RelSci, start your free trial!