The Brief
Are you getting the most from RelSci? Rachel White, Account Executive, shares her first impressions of RelSci and how it continues to help her reach sales targets.

What is RelSci all about?

RelSci is all about helping our clients discover and leverage valuable relationships in order to expand their organization’s influence, breadth of client engagements, and other growth goals. 

Who should use RelSci?  

Any person that is generating and developing business relationships for their organization.  RelSci is the first place to turn to when you are thinking—How can I get in there? How can I meet with that person? Who do I know that they know? It helps answer those questions in seconds.

When you first saw RelSci, what were you thinking?

I was thinking, “Wow, this is something I could use!” I have spent a lot of time trying to get in front of prospective clients and losing opportunities because I never found a way in. I knew right away that RelSci would be tremendously helpful to a lot of people.  

How do clients react to RelSci? 

People are blown away by the paths they find from themselves to others that they never realized existed. I have seen people using the system tap their partner and say, “Hey, you know this guy?? I had no idea. That’s dynamite!” Business Development is so important to so many different people that the product really connects to each user on a personal level. 

Do you use RelSci today?

I use RelSci constantly! I check out paths to companies I want to connect with, from both my colleagues and me, and often generate prospective client lists from these searches. I also look for information on people that I have planned to meet with. If only I had it at my last sales job! 
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