RelSci Product Tutorial: Streamline your events with RelSci’s new nonprofit skin

By Haylin Belay
The Brief
Events are a critical part of most nonprofits’ fundraising and marketing strategies. But, let’s be frank—between donor prospecting, networking and planning, they can be a logistical and organizational nightmare. Fortunately, RelSci’s newly launched features can streamline your workflow by keeping all the tools you need in one convenient place. 

RelSci product tutorial

In addition to existing tools for donor prospecting and relationship mapping, these new set of features will simplify your event-planning process. In three easy steps, taken from our latest webinar, RelSci can help make your next gala a sparkling success. Here’s how.

1.     Find new donors

RelSci’s Donor Module makes donor prospecting easy by taking care of your research for you. You may have already used Power Search, RelSci’s robust search engine for people and organizations, to identify high-impact prospects in your organization’s extended network; with Donor Module, the process is even simpler. Utilizing NTEE codes, this tool can provide you with the names of three people who have recently donated to organizations like yours (especially useful for organizations with niche causes). Streamlining research helps you skip the search and start looking for common connections that lay the groundwork for a warm introduction.

“No more nested folders or million-tab spreadsheets: You’ll be able to see all of your events in a simple, integrated interface.”

2.     Keep your guest list organized

No more worrying about leaving off key donors or contacts from your invitation list. Using RelSci’s RSVP Search, you can instantly create a list of all the first-degree relationships in your organization. You’ll capture all the critical players you know about, and perhaps discover connections you didn’t know existed. It’s like being able to tap into every one of your board members’ Rolodexes simultaneously. Filter by location, organization, cause and more. All of your RSVP Search lists can be easily stored, viewed and edited in one place. No muss, no fuss.

3.     Stay organized

For organizations operating in multiple cities, coordinating events is a pain at best and impossible at worst. With RelSci’s nonprofit skin, once you’ve put together a list of guests in RSVP Search, you can seamlessly create an entry in the Events tool. No more nested folders or million-tab spreadsheets: You’ll be able to see and edit all of your events and guest lists in a simple, intuitive and integrated interface.

For more details on these and other nonprofit tools, watch the full webinar: “What’s new: RelSci Nonprofit functionality.


Haylin Belay is a freelance writer and blogger based in New York City. She is a frequent contributor to the RelSci blog.RelSci provides a relationship mapping and research platform that helps leading nonprofit organizations transform fundraising and donor acquisition strategy.


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