Relsci Product Tutorial: How to prospect in new cities with RelSci

The Brief
Nonprofits are constantly prospecting, but even in the hyper-connected digital age, it can be hard to get a foothold in a new city. Luckily, Relationship Science’s simple, powerful tools can help you efficiently expand your donor base in new cities, plan events away from home, and discover corporate connections in faraway places. From our recent webinar, here are two ways your organization can leverage the power of its network to reach more prospects and partners. To learn more, watch the full webinar here


1.      On the conference circuit

Say you’re in Chicago for a healthcare conference, looking to meet with senior executives who might be interested in taking a board seat at your nonprofit, establishing a corporate partnership or just making a donation. Using the Visit a City tool, RelSci users can search a city (“Chicago”) within an industry (“healthcare”) for certain types of professionals (“C-Suite”). Your results will include not only a detailed profile of any individuals who meet your search criteria, but also any mutual connections that you have, making introductions, whether for recruiting or donor prospecting—that much easier.

2.      When you’re ready to expand

If your organization is looking to expand, you and your team have probably spent many long hours trying to decide where to go next. Luckily, RelSci’s new Relationship Discovery tool can do the work for you, providing a visualization of the top cities, industries and positions occupied by individuals within your org’s network. If you find out, for example, that four of your board members have great contacts in San Francisco, you might want to prioritize that city in your expansion strategy.RelSci’s flexible features can also be used for connecting with alumni, planning events and more. To learn more, download our full webinar, “Prospecting in new cities with RelSci.”


RelSci provides a relationship mapping and research platform that helps leading nonprofit organizations transform fundraising and donor acquisition strategy.


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