The Brief
We’ve said it before: Relationship capital is measured by how much you can do with what you’ve got (or rather, who you’ve got). It’s about access—knowing who you know and who they knowto achieve a warm introduction. Access, however, works best with multiple points of entry, a key reason the RelSci Path Finder tool remains a client favorite. 

Nobody likes a cold call—making one or receiving one. It’s inconvenient, irritating, and at times, presumptuous. Not exactly the first impression you want to make if you’re trying to get in front of a potential client. A warm introduction is the holy grail of anyone working on new deals and RelSci’s Path Finder tool not only shows you the quickest way to one—it gives you the flexibility of multiple—and potentially dozens—of options.

Path Finder uses an algorithm to analyze the potential strength of your relationships to other individuals and organizations, based on variables like overlap and shared seniority. But your relationship capital is not merely the sum of your first-degree connections (those individuals to whom you are directly linked); it’s the sum of their connections as well. Problem is, you don’t know who you don’t know, and that can severely limit your organization’s growth potential.

As our recent webinar (and nonprofit webinar) explains, Path Finder solves this by letting you map your paths in a variety of ways:

  1. You to a potential client
  2. A current client to a potential client
  3. An organization to a target organization
  4. Any entity (you, your organization, your clients) to a list

Simply choose a target company and let the RelSci Path Finder Tool show you how to get there through your first- and second-degree connections.  

The warm call
Once you know your target, you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Current clients can provide some of your strongest introductions; they already know (and presumably like) what you have to offer. To maximize that potential, Path Finder’s list functionality offers the ability to, in one glance, view, organize, and filter your clients’ relationships. Upload a list of happy clients or donors who might be willing to refer business to you, and see who they know and how.

Ultimately, you need to decide the strongest path to your target decision-makers. But it helps to have as many options as possible. The RelSci Path Finder Tool gets you there.

The Takeaway: Watch the full video below to see all the ways Path Finder can help you. Then, join RelSci’s upcoming webinar on July 16th (nonprofits: ?sign up here?)to learn how the platform can help you identify a wealth of new business and ??revenue opportunities?? for your organization.

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