RelSci Product Peek: How to identify new opportunities 

Whether you’re a private equity firm looking for portfolio company leadership, a wealth management group focused on business development and client acquisition, or a nonprofit awaiting board member introductions, your challenge is finding an efficient model for identifying leads. Sure, you could cast a wide net and see what you catch, but that kind of research takes up valuable time and resources. Plus, there’s always the chance you miss someone. Relationship Science offers in-depth information on 3.5 million influencers across a multitude of industries, easily plumbed with a flexible and customizable tool called Power Search.

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Power Search provides multiple paths to the information you need. Search RelSci’s profiles by industry, title, education, company type, board membership, even advisory history. For example, say you’re a private equity firm and one of your portfolio companies—a tech company—needs board members. You want to find a highly qualified individual with experience both in the tech industry and on other boards. Using Power Search, you can drill down on C-suite-level individuals working in tech in a given city, who have served on boards at companies of a similar size to yours. Easily sort results and generate custom reports you can take back to your team.Simply put, Power Search makes it easier to know who you don’t know.  Learn more about its capabilities in our presentation below. And join RelSci on Tuesday, August 5th for a webinar on competitive intelligence, and learn how our platform can help you stay up-to-date on the movers and shakers in your network.

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