RelSci Client Spotlight Series: SEI

It’s one thing to help someone achieve success. It’s another to make it last.

SEI helps their clients do both.

SEI helps professional wealth managers, institutional investors, investment management firms, and private investors create and manage wealth by providing innovative and comprehensive solutions that enable their long-term success.

SEI serves two related markets – wealth holders and wealth service providers – through five business units: Private Banks, Investment Advisors, Institutional Investors, Investment Managers, and Private Wealth Management.

We recently sat down with Joshua Kurtz, Director, Relationship Intelligence – Institutional Group at SEI to talk about the firm’s partnership with RelSci.

Q: How did SEI work with RelSci in 2020?

A: “The SEI Institutional Group partnered with Relationship Science in late 2018 and immediately recognized the current and potential value in the services they provide. In 2020, that potential value led us to dedicating internal resources to solely focus on utilizing the RelSci platform and their extensive research capabilities as an integral component in our client service and marketing efforts. This endeavor had a significant and almost immediate impact in the retention of current clients and created new pathways for us to pursue in growing our business. This year has proven to be one of significant changes, positively and negatively. RelSci has enabled us to benefit from the positive changes and to learn from and lessen the impact of the negative ones.”

Q: What are your plans for 2021?

A: “In addition to putting 2020 as far back in the rearview mirror as possible, SEI is looking forward to deepening the integration of RelSci into our current and future technologies.

“The opportunities RelSci facilitates in strengthening client relationships, coordinating marketing efforts and growing our businesses is one of the leading factors driving our planned 2021 technology renaissance.”

Having the ability to seamlessly connect RelSci’s wealth of research and relationship information with our internal systems is going to aggressively alter how we manage our business and open up future opportunities for growth.

The Institutional Group has been providing discretionary asset management services to large investors for over 30 years. The average tenure of our clients is ten years with our most tenured client being with us since 1993.

“Caring about our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations are SEI hallmarks.”

RelSci has allowed us to better understand, relate with and service our clients. The level of detail we now have access to, including philanthropic interests, charitable donations, past employment, educational history, even hobbies of the people we work with on a daily basis, has allowed us to strengthen and broaden our client relationships.

Most recently, RelSci has been an incredible tool in being able to track people movements within and outside our industry. As the entire country shifted to virtual/remote environments causing an unprecedented alteration in how employers managed their current workforce and recruited talent, having the ability to systematically follow these movements and integrate this real time information into our systems has been invaluable.”

Did You Know?

SEI recently celebrated their 50th year in business.

About Relationship Science

Relationship Science (RelSci) empowers organizations to make smarter business decisions by leveraging an underused asset: their web of connections to influential decision-makers. RelSci calls this Relationship Capital. The RelSci platform provides exclusive access to actionable information on millions of influential people and organizations to help users grow their business.

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