Who’s Who in RelSci? A Deep Dive Into Our Board and Executive Database

Relationship Science offers a board and executive database with over 8 million profiles. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into our coverage to give you more insight into what types of people you can expect to find in RelSci.

A Database of Decision Makers

RelSci’s board and executive database is focused on the senior-level individuals who make important business decisions, give large donations, and oversee large budgets. In recent years, we’ve expanded our coverage to include more junior individuals who can help you get a foot in the door at large companies. At our core, however, we remain focused on c-suite executives, board members, department and division heads, and other senior decision makers. As of August 1st:

  • 13% of profiled individuals have a c-suite title – over 1 million total people
  • 30% of profiled individuals – over 2.5 million – have at least one board affiliation

Leveraging RelSci data enables clients to hone in on the influencers within a company who make strategic buying decisions and can drive projects and deals forward.

Going Deep

RelSci collects data from a range of different sources, including company websites, news articles and press releases, and institution-grade data vendors. As a result, our executive coverage goes much deeper than the ten or so individuals you would see in a company filing. We also include both current and prior executives. As of August 1st, the companies with the most senior executives profiled in RelSci are:

Our board data includes not only governing boards – boards of directors, boards of trustees, etc – but also committees, advisory boards, commissions, and other cohorts.

Coverage Across Industries

RelSci’s diverse enterprise client base includes over 600 financial services firms, non-profits, universities, law firms, corporations, and more. As a result, our board and executive database includes people who work at many different company types, not just public companies. As of August 1st, our 8.4 million profiled decision makers include:

  • 5 million decision makers at public companies
  • 5 million decision makers at non-profits and universities
  • Over 550 thousand decision makers at private equity firms, investment banks, hedge funds, and other financial services firms
  • 2 million decision makers at private companies
  • Over 650 thousand decision makers at venture-backed startups 
  • Over 250 thousand decision makers at law firms
  • 300 thousand decision makers at endowments, foundations, and pension funds
  • 200 thousand decision makers at governmental organizations and political entities

We’re constantly working to expand our data coverage to better address customer needs. In the past year, we’ve added an average of 150,000 new decision makers per month.

International Coverage

Although RelSci is based in the United States, our coverage is global. Approximately 59% of profiled organizations are headquartered in the Americas, with 24% in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and 17% in Asia-Pacific. Coverage highlights include:

  • 131,000 organizations in BRIC countries, including 58,000 in India, 56,000 in China, 10,000 in Russia, and 9,000 in Brazil.
  • 55,000 public companies, including 39,000 outside of North America
  • 22,000 organizations located in Silicon Valley

To learn more about what’s included in RelSci’s premier board and executive database, request a demo today.