Resource Center: RelSci’s 360° Alerts – Google Alerts Alternative

Now that you’ve taken the time to load in your relationships & relevant lists you can begin leveraging the numerous tools in RelSci. Many of these tools, such as Pathfinder, allow you to leverage your existing relationships and discover potential warm introductions. You’ll find that utilizing your current network is the main purpose of a great deal of the tools in RelSci.

However, one of my favorite tools focuses on staying on top of your existing network & furthering those relationships. RelSci’s 360° Alerts empowers you to stay smart on your personal connections, organizational relationships, target lists, and more. It is a powerful tool and a better Google Alerts alternative.

What are 360° Alerts?

360° Alerts are comprised of articles & updates that RelSci captures on the 8 million individuals & 2 million organizations in our database. It pulls news from over 300 different sources, both domestic (USA) and international. A few examples of these sources are:

  • Articles from major publications, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post
  • Press releases
  • Public filings
  • Data from 3rd party vendors such as LexisNexis
  • Updates from RelSci’s thousands of bots on company team pages & board pages (i.e. Board & Employment changes)

Why should you care?

You might be hesitant to use our 360° Alerts, especially if you’re using something similar like Google Alerts or a RSS Feed. What sets RelSci’s alert feature apart? Why should you care?

The first reason is because RelSci’s alert feature & algorithm is simply better than similar tools. It does not solely match on a keyword, but makes certain the alerts you receive are relevant to your relationships or custom news sources.

The second reason is the flexibility 360° Alerts offers you as a user. You can customize the type of Alerts you receive, narrowing it down by topic, industry, and various other fields. Adjust your settings to include alerts on specific lists, your colleagues’ relationships, or create a custom news source. Additionally, RelSci offers flexibility in how you access or receive the alerts.

RelSci Alerts

How do you receive them?

RelSci will automatically send you a daily email about your relationships, which contains recent news & updates about them. However, you can also view them on the website or download our mobile app and view updates your iOS, iPad, or Android device. A lot of users enjoy browsing their 360° Alerts on their morning commute to stay smart on their existing network and reaching out to offer congratulations on a new board position or an award they recently received.

RelSci 360° Alerts is a great tool, and one of the most popular features in the RelSci platform. It offers you a great way to stay up to date on your prospects or relationships, and will allow you to drill down on what you find important and want to be notified on. We’ll be covering how to set up custom news alerts & adjust your alert email settings in the next installment of RelSci’s 360° Alerts.