Relationship Science Launches New Dating Features

Here at Relationship Science, we bring science to the art of building business relationships. We help you connect to those who matter most to you. Whether you’re keeping tabs on distant contacts or actively identifying new prospects, we have you covered. Over the years, however, we’ve received feedback from prospective users that they’re looking to build more than just business relationships – they’re looking for love. Finding that perfect match is no easy task, and they’d like RelSci to help. Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve heard your feedback and are launching a set of new dating features, available now with a RelSci subscription.

According to a recent study by The Knot, 17% of engaged couples met through friends, and 17% met online. Why not use a tool that combines both? Using Relationship Science’s online platform, you can first identify your ideal matches, then see how you connect to them through your personal and professional network. We’ll help you find a warm introduction to the man or woman of your dreams.

Tired of swiping, nudging, liking, or keeping up with the latest dating apps and lingo? RelSci makes it easy with all the search tools you know and love in a sleek and professional platform.

The Relationship Science platform is particularly valuable for those looking to become part of a power couple. Nearly a third of the individuals profiled in our database hold C-Suite titles. Use Relationship Discovery to see how you can connect to movers and shakers in your preferred industry or role.

Looking for a date for that upcoming charity gala? Use Power Search to generate a target list of individuals that fit your specific criteria. Narrow down your search by alma mater, donations and giving history, or membership organizations. Make sure the one on your arm is sure to sparkle and impress your friends and colleagues.

Want to ensure “the one” has a heart of gold? Use Donor Search to identify prospective partners who have donated to the cause area of your choice. If you have a secret love for red pandas and baby elephants, make sure your partner has donated greater than $500,000 to your favorite zoos.

If long distance relationships aren’t for you, use Visit a City to find potential partners within your current city of residence. In this tool, you can search by job title, industry, and/or organization – everything you need to make your search as seamless and straightforward as possible.

April Fools! Sorry to disappoint, but RelSci always keeps it professional, so we won’t be getting into the dating business any time soon. Power Search, Discovery, Donor Search, and our other tools are no joke, though – they’re the best way to secure the warm introduction that will propel your career forward. Learn more about all RelSci has to offer at