Introducing Relationship Science’s Latest Feature – Contact Data! Frequently Asked Questions

It’s no secret that a warm introduction is the best way to secure the first meeting with a senior prospect or potential client. But sometimes, when you don’t have the right person in your network to make that intro, you need to reach out directly. RelSci now gives you the tools to do just that. With our new contact data, you can access business contact information – including professional phone numbers and emails – for millions of individuals in the RelSci database.


RelSci now offers professional phone numbers and emails for individuals in our database. Subscribers at all levels can purchase a contact data credits package to unlock these details.


Available now! We have business contact information for individuals currently profiled in Relationship Science. We also offer Contact Data Search, a tool that enables you to search over 20 million records not currently integrated into RelSci profiles.

How much?

RelSci clients can purchase:

  • 10 records for $10
  • 50 records for $45
  • 100 records for $80
  • 500 records for $375
  • 1000 records for $650
  • 5000 records for $2500

*Unused credits do not expire unless you terminate your subscription.

How can I get it?

Unlock business contact information by visiting a profile or hovering over a person’s name, clicking “Unlock Contact Data”, and following the prompts to purchase contact data credits.

RelSci Lite and RelSci Pro subscribers can purchase credits via credit card or PayPal. RelSci Enterprise customers should contact their account manager to get the contact data capability set up for their accounts.

Why is RelSci preferable to alternative business contact information providers?

The biggest advantage of using RelSci Contact Data is that it’s fully integrated into RelSci’s research tools and profiles. This integration equips you with all the information you’ve been looking for about a target or prospect, all within a single platform. Our customers can conduct targeted outreach to specific individuals, rather than being limited to the broad mass mailings other contact data providers enable.

Our contact data on your prospects is cleaner than the alternatives because we exclude records we can identify as inaccurate based on other profile data. For example, if we know a person has changed jobs, we don’t show the contact information from their previous company.

How much contact data does RelSci have available? Is it included for everyone in the database?

As of March 2018, we have integrated a phone number or an email address for 2,177,000 individuals, 28% of RelSci’s database. This number is growing daily!

Not every individual in the RelSci database will have contact data available. Our inclusion process is similar here as it is for other datasets, like donation information – we integrate what we can based on what’s available publicly and in our licensed datasets. We are continually working to increase our coverage.

We also offer a Contact Data Search tool that enables you to search our supplemental database for contact records not yet integrated into RelSci. Over 20 million more records are available via this search.

Why doesn’t RelSci have business contact information for each profile?

Not all individuals profiled in RelSci have contact data that is publicly available or available in our licensed datasets. Some individuals are private and not interested in being cold-called. Others simply don’t publish their data.

Cold-calling is only somewhat effective—you can’t call up Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos without a warm introduction. Our goal in including contact data is to provide you with an additional tool in your relationship management toolbox, adding another way to get in front of the people you’re trying to reach. We can’t promise it will work in every case or for every target.

Weren’t you always telling me a warm introduction was better than a cold call?

RelSci is a relationship management solution that evolves in response to feedback from our customers. We’ve received regular feedback that many of our customers would benefit from being able to access contact data within our platform, rather than cross-referencing RelSci data with another source. We’ve developed this feature in response to those requests.

Relationship management doesn’t require a one-size-fits-all approach. Sometimes, if you’re trying to connect with a senior-level individual to close a major deal, a warm introduction is your only way in. At other times, when you want to cast a broad net or contact someone at a lower level, reaching out directly is the way to go. RelSci wants to provide our customers with as many tools as possible that enable them to achieve their business goals.

We’ve also discovered that in some cases, providing contact data helps facilitate a warm introduction. Sometimes people make career moves and their contact information is no longer available to your mutual connection. By having your prospect’s contact data at hand, you can make it that much easier for your mutual contact to introduce you.

Isn’t this data private? What about people who don’t want to be contacted?

We understand and respect that some individuals are private and not interested in cold calls. Therefore, only business contact information will be provided – no personal information.

RelSci aggregates information that is either (a) available publicly, such as on company websites, or (b) licensed from other vendors. There are no cases where we will be showing information that is not available elsewhere.

We will honor requests to delete contact information at an individual’s request, provided that we can verify the individual’s identity.

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We hope you are as excited as we are that Contact Data is now available as within the RelSci solution. As always, we welcome your feedback about what else you’d like to see to meet your relationship management needs. Just create an account or log into RelSci to unlock contact data on millions of influential decision makers. If you’re new to RelSci and would like to learn more, request a demo today.