How Relationship Science Can Painlessly Connect You to the Investors You Need

Finding that needle in the haystack. That’s how the majority of entrepreneurs describe their efforts to find and connect with investors. It’s competitive and challenging, but can be greatly simplified with RelSci’s “relationship capital” platform.

The technology is engineered to create pathways from you to the people and organizations who matter most to your success. You have extensive tools to find potential investors, spending a lot less effort and time than if you’d used more traditional networking channels.

Powerful and detailed, these tools will help you research prospects and find pathways to connect with investors:

  • RelSci houses a proprietary database of 6+ million influential decision makers and 2+ million organizations. The profiles are populated by data gathered from thousands of publically verifiable sources – based purely on facts, without any inflated or false data from user-generated sources. Data like education, career history, donations, board affiliations, awards, and public holdings comprise the profiles. From each profile, you can see the pathways from your network and find access points to connect with investors or organizations.
  • Power Search. Looking for investors you want to reach out to? Run a query in RelSci’s database of people and organizations to create a target list. Search by keyword, name, location, role, industry, charitable cause, and more to see how your network—and your extended network—connects to a target.
  • 360° Alerts. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to closely track the activities of all the potential investors you have targeted. But with 360° Alerts, customizable news is delivered to your inbox every day. A hyper-targeted version of Google Alerts, this service sends you news and professional updates on a specific person and/or company, such as stock sales, job changes, and investment activities.
  • Visit a City. If you’re planning a business trip, make it worth your while by setting up networking opportunities in advance. Using the Visit a City tool within RelSci’s platform, you can enter a city name, role (“Investor” is an option), industry, and (optionally) organization description. You’ll get a list of potential investors in that city and how your network maps to them. It allows you to reach out and try to set up meetings in advance of your travels.

With RelSci, you can “bring science to the art of business relationships.” Use RelSci’s online platform to leverage your relationship capital and get investors to fund your company with greater success.