RelSci Product Tutorial: Why nonprofits need relationship mapping software

The Brief

Nonprofits who aren’t leveraging their networks of relationships—both internal and external to their organization—are missing countless opportunities for fundraising and prospect research. Problem is, how do you capitalize on your org’s network if you have no view into it? Here are three tools from RelSci that help you to maximize your donor network. 


With powerful organizational tools and a database comprising millions of industry movers and shakers, Relationship Science strategically connects nonprofits to top donor prospects using existing professional relationships. Here are three RelSci tools you can use to tap into your donor network.

1. Power Search: Discover new donors

Every executive, philanthropist and influencer in RelSci’s database has a comprehensive profile comprised of personal, professional and philanthropic data. Power Search finds and filters profiles quickly and easily using criteria such as donation history, board memberships, investments and more. Looking for New York-based professionals with a history of supporting the arts, who graduated from Yale in the 1980s? Power Search can find them for you and then you can use Path Finder to see how you’re connected.


2. Path Finder: Discover how you’re connected to top prospects

It’s not just about who you know—it’s who they know that really counts. Path Finder, quite simply, helps you visualize your organization’s extended network and the common connections among your contacts. Say your organization has a list of 10 potential donors you’re looking to contact in your next round of fundraising. Path Finder can show you how to get an introduction to each by calculating the connections between your board members’ networks and those prospects. Access has never been easier.


3. 360° Alerts: Stay up-to-date on donor news

You know timing is critical when it comes to donor outreach. After you’ve found your top prospects and mapped your connection to them, 360° Alerts helps you stay on top of what they’re up to. Catch all the headlines, job movements and promotions within your network, and use each as an opportunity to reach out with congratulations. Stay top-of-mind while fostering your current and potential donor base.


For detailed information on how Power Search, 360 Alerts, Path Finder and all of RelSci’s tools can help your organization meet and exceed its fundraising goals, check out our webinar, “1-2-3 of RelSci for Nonprofit Organizations.”



RelSci provides a relationship capital platform that helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. 

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