Recognizing the reign makers: The queens of philanthropy and the reach of their realm

For International Women’s Day 2014, we wanted to highlight women who use their connections for good. These are the 5 most powerful women in the non-profit sector according to ?Forbes?

  1. Melinda Gates, Co-Founder, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  2. Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Program 
  3. Drew Gilpin Faust, President, Harvard University
  4. Helene Gayle, President & Chief Executive Officer, CARE
  5. Judith Rodin, President, The Rockefeller Foundation 

We dug into their networks in the RelSci platform to map the range of their influence.

RelSci Relationships*


*RelSci has profiled more than three million influential decision makers. This count is the number of people these women know within that curated group.

Extended Network*


*These are second degree connections: The people these women’s friends, family, colleagues and peers know. 

Board Memberships*


*Includes prior and current board memberships

Charitable Donations by Cause

We all have great people and organizations in our networks. How can you help each other inspire the change you want to see? #womensday 

RelSci helps create competitive advantage for non-profit, corporate and financial organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. There’s always a way. 

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