Pretty Cozy: The pre-merger relationships between Comcast and Time Warner Cable

As Comcast appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee today to argue its case for a merger with Time Warner Cable, a move that would give the media giant a 30% market share in cable and a whopping 40% in broadband, we took a closer look at the pre-existing relationships between the two companies’ board members. Whether or not the merger ever gets greenlit, it seems the two are already plenty tight–both through each other and through their board members’ mutual friends. 

Click on the image below for an interactive preview  of their relationships. 

  • Click the circles to see relationships
  • Hover over red text to see second degree connections

Relsci has profiled more than three million influential decision makers and the organizations with which they are involved. The platform assesses the likelihood of a relationship between these influencers through proprietary algorithms that take into account qualitative and quantitative factors such as employment history, title, nonprofit involvement, organization size, industry, etc. We then used these mapped connections to determine the relationships and involvement of these owners.

About RelSci

RelSci is a technology solutions company that helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. 

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