Nonprofit tales from team building hell

The Brief
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1. 15 minutes to a sharper staff. What’s the trick to more productive training days? Ask an 11-year-old girl. A recent study showed that when employees in training took 15 at the end of each day to write down and reflect on what they’d learned, they did nearly 25% better on their final exam. It’s called the “Dear Diary” technique. Confessing to secret crushes not required.

 2. NPOs that tackle tech’s lack of diversity. We say it all the time—the more diverse your relationship capital, the more effective your network. That principle applies to building teams too. Unfortunately, some industries—tech, for one—have yet to catch on. Good thing, then, that NPOs like Hack the Hood continue to find creative ways to get women and minorities in front of Google and Apple.

 3. Dysfunction junction. Teams fail for any number of reasons, and it’s tough enough to spot weaknesses. It’s tougher still when those weaknesses are masquerading as strengths. Be happy for infighting; at least it’s obvious. 

Speaking of strong teams…

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4. How not to be “that” kind of leader. While we’re on the topic of dysfunction, before you hop all over your team, it might be a good idea to take a look in the reflective glass of your floor to ceiling windows. We’ve compiled a list of eight traits found in terrible leaders. Just doing our part to keep you from being “that guy” (or girl). 

 5. Tales from team-building hell. Revenge paint ball. Hallucinogens. And you thought your team-building exercises were catastrophes waiting to happen

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