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RelSci 5 is a recurring digital resource for and about business leaders. Its curated articles and insights revolve around a different theme each week and will help you do your job better.

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1. Um, er, well…  #Leadership
Being professional isn’t just about the way you dress. The way you speak matters, too, whether you’re chatting with a client or speaking up in the board room. If you’re not being mindful of your “ums” and “ahhs”, you might be seriously undermining your authority. Here’s a handy list of 17 speech ticks to ban from your office vocabulary.

2. An office in every city  #OrgCulture
The modern office is less about where and more about how. Between flex time and freelancers, there are more workers than ever looking for cafes and libraries with free Wi-Fi and comfy couches. Luckily, there’s a whole series of new apps to help you find the perfect workspace–no matter where you are.

3.  Believe in yourself.  #Leadership
It may sound cliche, but it’s true—when it comes to workplace (and life) success, talent is nothing without confidence. And behavioral science is finding that the latter is not as natural-born as we used to think. Turns out, you can make yourself more confident by challenging yourself…and by taking a quick peek at this confidence-boosting infographic.

4.  Network like Jobs.  #RelationshipManagement
The new Steve Jobs movie starring Michael Fassbender follows the tech mastermind’s rise to fame—but the genius behind Apple was more than just a digital gamechanger. Jobs was also a master networker, and you can learn from his winning strategy.

5. Betting against yourself.  #BehavioralScience
It’s everyone’s favorite game: who’s #1, and who’s in the reject pile? We’re constantly fretting over how we stack up to our peers in terms of success, attractiveness and finances, and according to a recent study, we care more about our relative success than our absolute success. The urge to compete can make us feel miserable or lead to poor choices…so why do we do it


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