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With today’s news that Burger King is buying Canadian coffee-and-donut chain Tim Horton’s for $11.4 billion, we began to reminisce about some of the other eye-catching mergers and acquisitions we’ve seen this year. From Apple and Beats to Facebook and WhatsApp, here are the corporate relationships we’ve been following so far in 2014. Which do you think will prove most fruitful?

1. Actavis and Forest Labs

Acquisition Cost: $26B – $27B?
Annual Revenue: $8.68B 
Employees Worldwide: 19.2K 
Investment Advisor*: Greenhill & Co 
?Forest Labs?
?$??3.65B Annual Revenue
6200 Employees Worldwide
Investment Advisor: Goldman Sachs Group ?
*In many cases more than one investment advisor contributed to a deal. We only include one name here for concision. To see all of the listed parties, please login to your relsci account or, if you’re not a client, request a free profile here. 

2. Amazon and Twitch

Acquisition Cost: $970M
Annual Revenue: $74.5B 
Employees Worldwide: 117K 
Investment Advisor: N/A
Annual Revenue: N/A 
Employees Worldwide: 80 
Investment Advisor: ?Qatalyst Partners 

3. Apple and Beats

Acquisition Cost: $3B – $3.1B 
Annual Revenue: $171B 
Employees Worldwide: 80.2 
Investment Advisor: N/A
Annual Revenue: $1.5B 
Employees Worldwide: 700 
Investment Advisor: N/A

4. Criteo and Tedemis

Acquisition Cost: N/A
Annual Revenue: $591M 
Employees Worldwide: 800 
Investment Advisor: N/A
Annual Revenue: $5M – $10M 
Employees Worldwide: 20 – 50  
Investment Advisor: Daiwa Corporate Advisory Ltd.

5. Comcast and Time Warner Cable

Acquisition Cost: $69B – $70B 
Annual Revenue: $64.7B 
Employees Worldwide: 136K 
Investment Advisor: Barclays Bank PLC 
Time Warner Cable
Annual Revenue: $22.1B 
Employees Worldwide: 51.6K  
Investment Advisor: Allen & Company LLC 

6. DirecTV and AT&T

Acquisition Cost: $65B – $66B 
Annual Revenue: $31.8B 
Employees Worldwide: 31.7K 
Investment Advisor: Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. 

Annual Revenue: $129B 
Employees Worldwide: 247K 
Investment Advisor: Lazard Ltd. 

7. Facebook and WhatsAPP

Acquisition Cost: $19B – $20B 
Annual Revenue: $7.87B 
Employees Worldwide: 7185 
Investment Advisor: Allen & Co. LLC
Annual Revenue: N/A 
Employees Worldwide: 55 
Investment Advisor: Morgan Stanley 

8. Google and Nest

Acquisition Cost: $3.2B – $3.3B 
Annual Revenue: $59.7B 
Employees Worldwide: 44.8K 
Investment Advisor: Lazard Freres & Co. LLC 
Annual Revenue: ~$300M 
Employees Worldwide: ~460 
Investment Advisor: N/A

9. Reynolds American and Lorillard

Acquisition Cost: $26B – $27B 
Reynolds American
Annual Revenue: $8.24B 
Employees Worldwide: 5290 
Investment Advisor: Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. 

Annual Revenue: $4.97B 
Employees Worldwide: 2900 
Investment Advisor: Barclays Bank PLC

10. Verizon and Vodafone

Acquisition Cost: N/A 
Annual Revenue: $100M + 
Employees Worldwide: 178K 
Investment Advisor: Barclays Plc 
Annual Revenue: $63.9B 
Employees Worldwide: 89.1K 
Investment Advisor: Citigroup, Inc. 

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