Leverage your network to help your portfolio companies hire top talent

By Haylin Belay

For private equity firms, maintaining a robust portfolio means providing promising young start-ups with more than just financial support. While firms have long helped their portfolio companies staff up the C-suite, increased competition, especially in the tech sector, is driving more firms to recruit further down the ladder. That same atmosphere of competition necessitates the utilization of every tool in your firm’s toolkit. One of those is relationship capital.

It may not be the first investment strategy that comes to mind, but think about it: In addition to financial and institutional resources, private equity firms are flush with human resources—that is, wide-reaching professional networks of talented, well-connected and trusted colleagues, clients, investors and advisors. Tapping into that large network can be a cheap and effective way to dramatically increase the reach of your recruiting efforts.

For example, say one of your portfolio companies needs an influx of hardcore developer talent, but is too young and low-profile to attract the caliber of candidate needed to realize their goals. By reaching out to colleagues, former clients and even your own employees, you can cast a wide enough net to give your investment the luxury of choosing the best of the best.

For more on tips on how your private equity firm can utilize its network to the advantage of its portfolio companies and stakeholders, be sure to download the full white paper, “Leverage your network to help your portfolio companies hire top talent.”

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