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corporate mindfulness

1. Embrace mindfulness

In the last few years, mindfulness has become a buzzy and, dare we say, counter-culture term in a business environment that, at least in this country, is seeing more and more hours devoted to the office at the expense of rest, sleep and general health. But as new studies are showing, mindfulness exercises can combat the worst of our work ethic by literally changing the structure of our brains. Here’s why leaders should adopt the practice

2. Embrace your rebels.

A wise leader recognizes a rebellious team member for what he or she is: an idea-generator and a problem-solver. In fact, these question-asking, status-quo-busting innovators could be your biggest assets, if you know how to manage them. Step one: Be clear about team goals.

3. Embrace your (quirky) personality

A new, in-depth profile at Business Insider takes a look at Magic Leap’s eccentric CEO Rony Abovitz, who in October secured a Google-led $542 million round of funding for his rather mysterious “cinematic reality” company. So, how does a former surgical robotics nerd—and presenter of one of the weirdest TEDxTalks ever—get a Silicon Valley giant and a host of other venerable investors to take his ideas about augmented reality seriously enough to pony up half a billion?

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Last chance 2014 roundups:

1. The year in fundraising
From big data to donor personality assessments, it’s been quite the year for fundraising strategists. What have we learned in 2014, and 
how can we apply it to 2015’s challenges?

2. The 5 best relationship capital blogs of 2014
As we waved goodbye to 2014, we got to reminiscing about our beloved blog and all the wisdom contained therein. So we thought we’d bundle our reader favorites together in, yes, a best-of round-up. Hopefully, these top five relationship capital blog posts will help you 
up your networking game in 2015!

3.  30 Under 30: 20 Standouts 
Although these young people’s triumphs often cause a minor panic attack for us mere mortals, it is amazing to see the next generation of entrepreneurs, artists, researchers and leaders pushing ahead with their passions. Here’s a quick look at Forbes’ standout recipients from its annual 30 Under 30 list. 

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