Introducing Radar: RelSci’s New Contact Intelligence Product

In the current economic environment, business development and sales teams are facing more challenges finding warm prospects.

RelSci has always been the most effective tool for relationship-driven business development.

And with our new contact intelligence product Radar, we take the power of the core RelSci platform to a new level.

In this post, we’ll give you a brief overview of how Radar works, its main features, and also offer a peak into Radar’s product development roadmap.

What is Radar?

Radar is RelSci’s newest contact intelligence tool that helps users grow their RelSci networks. As a result, Radar improves the effectiveness of the entire platform.

With the ability to monitor your own interactions, your colleagues’ interactions, and your contacts’ interactions through Radar scanning, you gain a major boost in your ability to develop your professional network with a data-driven and informed approach.

Radar Helps You Grow Your Business and Your Network in Three Main Ways

Here are the main functional advantages that Radar adds to RelSci’s core platform:

1. Automatically match your contacts to RelSci profiles, increasing your network of RelSci relationships.

Radar will scan your stored contacts as well as contacts that you interact with via emails and meeting invitations. This allows Radar to match these contacts against our database of over 10 million RelSci people profiles. The matched individuals are then automatically added to your RelSci relationships.

Using a proprietary algorithm, Radar will also automatically designate each contact with a relationship strength that is dependent on your level and frequency of interactions. This way, users no longer have to focus on maintaining the integrity of their RelSci relationships manually.

Instead, you can direct your attention to what matters most – analyzing, growing, and nurturing your relationships.

2. Monitor your interactions, your firm’s interactions, and even your contacts’ interactions.

Radar will use the data that it scans to provide insights into the interactions that matter most to you.

For example, go to a company profile in RelSci and figure out who your top contacts are and who they can connect you with. Radar’s scanning and interaction sharing capabilities can help you discover new doors that your colleagues can open for you at target organizations.

Do you work at a firm where your most valuable interactions come from non-RelSci users? We can enable “contributor” accounts so that your team can leverage the interactions of your external-facing colleagues.

Radar offers a ton of power and flexibility. No matter what your use case, we’ve got you covered!

3. Sync your entire calendar and use that information to make the most of your meetings.

Use your briefing reports to easily update yourself and your colleagues on your planned meetings and events for a given day, week, or month. The briefings will include details on the date, time, and location of each meeting as well as the full attendee list and helpful information pertaining to each list of attendees.

For instance, if a meeting attendee was recently mentioned in the news, Radar will include a direct link to the relevant article in your briefing report. Radar will also give you information on profiled attendees, such as career history, relationships you have in common, proprietary notes, colleague interactions, and more.

You can receive these briefing reports either via email or through a front-end report generator within RelSci (you can choose one or both of these methods).

Radar will help you get smarter about your interactions and meetings before they happen.

The Radar Roadmap

In addition to Radar’s current capabilities, we have an ambitious and exciting roadmap planned for future product development.

We want users to be able to use the RelSci platform as an all-encompassing business development tool. As part of that vision, Radar will soon be able to update contact details and even remove duplicate contacts.

We also plan to add API call options for interaction insights derived from Radar, which will be especially valuable for our larger enterprise clients. This will allow you to take your Radar data and combine it however you choose. We want to add the the maximum value possible to your internal processes by leveraging the combination of Radar and RelSci’s advanced and robust API.

We have a lot in store for Radar and look forward providing more product updates in future blogs, as well as descriptions on how Radar can be used for specific use cases.

Learn more about Radar and RelSci

If you would like to learn more about how you can use Radar and the core RelSci platform to better leverage your organization’s relationship capital, we’d love to hear from you.

Request a demo to speak with one of our sales representatives.