Inbound marketing for law firms

Growing your law firm’s client base is no longer about subway advertisements or local cable commercials. Inbound marketing—content hosted by a company that draws in consumers by offering thought-provoking or educational material—has been appropriated by organizations across many industries, and it’s time law firms caught up.

While a branding firm might be able to offer general marketing content on its blog that would appeal to a wide swath of businesses, law firm content is generally directed at other lawyers. And that’s fine—as long as what you’re providing draws the attention of potential new clients. And that means, of course, general counsels.  

As regulatory and other pertinent industry news breaks, smart firms will give prospective clients a taste of the insight and advice they can provide by offering free education. Say new federal banking regulation passes that will impact a host of financial institutions. You know in-house counsels will be looking to reach out to new partners to help navigate the waters. Rather than amping up your advertising or making cold calls, organize a webinar explaining the ins and outs of the regulation and how it will affect these companies. Invite existing clients as well as prospective ones. Show, don’t tell, them how valuable your firm can be. 

To target new clients for your inbound marketing campaigns, you need to know who you don’t know. RelSci’s Power Search tool allows you to curate profiles on general counsels across specific industries by company types, staff size and much more, which can be organized into editable .csv reports. Just as important, RelSci’s platform will use your relationship capital—your firm’s network of contacts—to map the shortest, highest quality paths to these people, giving you easier access and a better chance at a warm introduction (and a new client).

Business development and client acquisition is about both who and what you know. Strong relationships can lead to referrals, but highlighting your intellectual capital is a way to clearly demonstrate your firm’s value to potential clients.

RelSci helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers.

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