I messed up at work. What next?

The Brief
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1. Habitual offenders. We all make poor decisions, every day. But when the effects of these choices go beyond your lunch order and seep into, you know, your clients’ financial future, it’s time to take a look at how you got to this place. Turns out, you might be guilty of some of these bad habits, and they’re messing with your head.2. Down and dirty. That guy carrying around hand sanitizer at the business conference might be concerned with more than just crowd-induced flu. A new study has shown a link between networking and psychological feelings of dirtiness. Of course, a lot of this has to do with the kind of networking you do; if you’re looking for one-sided relationships that are all get and no give, well, that’s enough to make anyone feel a little grimy.

3. David trumps Goliath. Big news for small asset management firms. A new study has found that smaller brands do better when they actually promote and publicize their diminutive size as compared to a large or chain competitor located nearby. As ever, people love a good underdog story, and it’s time small firms started capitalizing on this. 4. What Silicon Valley did right. When a breach of trust occurs between your firm and your clients, how you react in the immediate aftermath of the crisis will determine whether or not you can salvage your relationships. Firms big and small should take a page from tech giants like Google and Microsoft; in the wake of the Edward Snowden leaks they made critical decisions that helped keep their reputations intact and their customers feeling secure.

5. Just because. Your eyebrow expressions could be revealing more than just your feeling of surprise or studied air of irony. They could be telling people where you’re from. New research shows that eyebrow movements differ from culture to culture. That’s right, your eyebrows have an accent.

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