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1. Everybody gets a trophy. 

New research has demonstrated what every Type-A stuck in a high school group project already knew to be true: When one individual in a pair is more competent, rather than weighing his or her opinion more heavily, both members try to find a “middle ground” between them. It’s called “equality bias,” and it’s going to make some overachievers very, very unhappy.

2. What Steve Jobs can teach us about networking. 

Think about the last time you engaged with people in your network. Now think about who those people were—their professional backgrounds, education levels, interests, hobbies. Remind you of anyone? Other contacts, maybe? Maybe even yourself? Here’s why that’s a problem

3. Tidjane Thiam

Embattled Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse has announced former insurance executive Tidjane Thiam will take over as CEO. Thiam, who’s had stints at McKinsey, World Bank and two insurance firms, has no investment banking experience. Could that be just what Credit Suisse needs?
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