How to spend your relationship capital


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For most people, making a new connection is the easy part. We’ve all perfected our 15 second intro and how we move from weather-focused chit chat to genuine conversation. But, what does that relationship look like one year or five years after that first meeting? Spending your relationship capitalthe relationships and positive karma you’ve built up throughout your career—is no simple task. Not to worry, though, we gathered a few bright minds at our monthly #relationshipcapital tweet chat to get their take on how to tap into and give back to your network.

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Top 10 #RelationshipCapital Tweets

@GaryBelsky: No. 1 rule of networking: The best asks benefit the asker AND his/her connection.

@beaglsteinTrue networkers don’t see networking as “work”. It’s all about learning about one another and how we can help out

@rdwatkins: Saving face for the connection is one thing I research. Can they easily deliver or is there a risk miss the mark?

@GaryBelsky: Rule 1A of Networking: Give and give until your contacts are desperate to return favor.

@rdwatkins: Mavens are critical as a multiplier of value or as a catalyst for engagement beyond personal reach.

?@likeitsmyjob: Breadth of network is important but to be a maven/hub you have to be ACTIVE in your network.

?@GaryBelskyIt’s important to understand connections’ personalities more than their niches!

@likeitsmyjob: Per Adam Grant, always say yes when asked for a “five-minute favor.” 

@krystianszastok: Making an ask should never be the 1st thing after research. Connect, spend time nurturing, jab jab jab right hook

@GaryBelsky: For true networkers, networking is 99% granting favors, 1% asking them.

RelSci is a technology solutions company that helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. 

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