How to reconnect with your network in 2015


The Brief 
In the spirit of the New Year, we hosted a #relationshipcapital Twitter chat about how to reconnect with your network contacts. From keeping your outreach interesting to avoiding being a pest, here are some of the best responses from our participants. 

1. Do you take advantage of the holidays and New Year as a time to reconnect with people?

@GaryBelsky: Yes. People are in a reflective and grateful mood. But you have to be subtle and giving.

@GaryBelsky: Go for a reminder of how they’ve helped YOU. That primes them to help some more.

@likeitsmyjob: Holiday cards are a great way to slip in a reminder to your contact about meeting soon for coffee…or eggnog.

2: How do you check in without being a nudge?

@ChrisSalisbury: I like to do both: drop a quick email and a follow-up call there after, a day later.

@davidhain: Relationships need to be two-way. Some people who automate don’t get that! 

3. What do you use to reach out (email, phone, etc.)?

@WhatsInAName82: A quick phone call or even coffee for my MVP’s… I prefer high touch with my high tech 😉

4: How do you make your outreach interesting?

@ConnectLeader: Make it personal – a video message or a photo from the past especially on #TBT

5: Do you prefer to reach out before or after the New Year?

@ChrisSalisbury: I like to do multi touch reach outs before the Holidays with a plan of action to reconnect after the New Year!

@ConnectLeader: I would tend to reconnect before the New Year. Good time for Holiday cheer, etc.

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