How to keep org stakeholders engaged 

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1. Why meetings still matter.

You know that moment five minutes in to your early morning meeting when you roll your eyes, turn to a sympathetic colleague (not Greg from Accounting) and whisper, “Why didn’t she just put this in an email?” Chances are, while you’re whining, you’re missing the 93 percent of information that’s communicated non-verbally in meetings

2.  The problem of awareness days. 

Do all those “health awareness days” (of which the US currently recognizes 200 officially) actually result in increased action, meaningful dialogue or fundraising for the causes they represent? 

3. Why men give more. 

We have to say, we kind of saw this one coming from a mile away

4. Which ultimate TV networker are you?

When it comes to navigating your network, are you a Don Draper or Jimmy Fallon? Take our quiz to find out where you fall!

5. Daydreamers, rejoice. 

You know all those articles touting the “Six Ways to Stay More Focused on the Job?” Well, it might be time to start taking them with a grain of salt. Here’s why the occasional reverie might actually be really good for you
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