How to flex your EQ muscles 

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Emotional Intelligence

1. How Hostess got its groove back.  

We all remember where we were when Hostess announced its closure–after 2 bankruptcies and a slew of failed CEOs–in 2012. The outrage was immediate and intense. But like a Twinkie’s squishy pastry jacket, Hostess sprang back. How it did so is a classic American tale of ingenuity, streamlining and creamy filling

2. Thought leadership.  

There’s nothing like a meeting to squash original thought. The vilification of groupthink has led some organizational behaviorists to advocate for meeting-free operations. But, not so fast. Face-to-face time has its advantages. Here’s how, as meeting leader, you can keep the most egregious of the collective biases at bay.

3. Impostor Syndrome or confidence problem?  

Women are told to lean toward overconfidence as a way of combatting the drag of Impostor Syndrome. But what if confidence is not the real issue.

4. The 7 networking skills every leader must have.  

Whether or not you’re on your company’s sales team, you have a stake, and therefore a level of responsibility, in its business and revenue generation strategy. Your boss knows that, and she’ll expect you to contribute where you can—leveraging your network contacts to connect with prospective clients, gather referrals and court potential partners. With that in mind, here are seven vital networking behaviors you’d better add to your repertoire if you want to impress, and maybe one day become, the brass. 

5. The deal behind Netflix’s earnings. 

The streaming content provider announced this week earnings per share that were nearly half of what analysts were predicting. So, naturally, the stock took off. Apparently, investors are okay with disappointment, perhaps because the company beat net new subscriber predictions, is growing its original content and is expanding globally. Or maybe they’re just really big fans of Kimmy Schmidt.
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