How to attract philanthropy’s biggest players


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1. Overcoming your tech doubters. 

Nonprofits are rather notorious for being slow to catch up on the latest tech trends, even when those tools and services could significantly improve their processes. That goes double for anything that even smells of big data. So, how do you get your employees to not only adopt new tech, but become advocates for it? For one thing, pick your programs wisely.  

2. Learning from FEGS. 

What lessons can human-services nonprofits, and nonprofits in general, take away from the years of mismanagement that recently brought the esteemed, long-running Federation and Employment Guidance Services (FEGS) to its knees? 

3. Into the breach. 

Love to argue, hate to lose? Well, science has provided a litany of strategies you can employ to help you fight better and win more often. Thing is, you’re not going to like the first one.

4. The kings of networking sound off. 

Last week’s OASIS: Montgomery Summit gathered together industry-leading entrepreneurs, executives and investors to discuss what’s next in business and tech innovation. RelSci founder and CEO Neal Goldman and networking expert Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, held a panel to discuss the critical importance of relationship capital to high-level organizational success; why giving trumps taking for network health; and how the right connections can get your business off the ground. Get their top tips here.

5. Philanthropy’s biggest players.

George Lucas. Michael Jackson. Sam Simon. These are the faces of an elite sect of mega-donors, whose hundreds of millions of dollars in giving dwarf that of other philanthropists. So, how much are they giving away, and to whom?


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