There’s Always a Way: Guide to Using RelSci’s Relationship Capital Platform

Described as “the world’s most powerful database of decision makers,” RelSci’s technology is designed to help companies leverage their most underutilized asset – their relationships. From legal organizations to non-profits and from investment bankers to management consultants, businesses in a variety of industries use RelSci to graph all the people they know and discover pathways to the people they want to know. This involves complex algorithms, advanced tools, and proprietary data, but what’s important to know from the outset is that RelSci’s expertise lies in combining both the art and science of business relationships.

In this guide to using RelSci, you’ll learn about the platform and how its features can help you fully leverage your relationship capital:

Three Primary Functions of RelSci’s Technology

From a birds-eye view, RelSci’s relationship capital software helps smart organizations connect with the people who can drive the most success for a company. These connections shape and propel almost every function of business and its operations, making it critical for companies to understand and wield their relationships to the fullest.

RelSci’s technology is sophisticated, yet most easily explained through these three primary functions:

1. Identification

Everybody wants a more targeted list, a new client, a new supporter, a new investor, a new partner, or a new donor. Nobody has time to waste on cold outreach or dead ends. The goal is to get in front of the key decision maker, as quickly as possible.

RelSci’s platform shortens that path to decision makers. The software maps who you know, and then uncovers who they know. This includes your colleagues, friends, family, college roommates, and everyone in between. Your custom report identifies and directly maps your unique network, revealing the true value of your relationship capital and handing you the tools to leverage it.

In addition to your personalized network map, RelSci gives you the limitless capability to query a proprietary database of over 7 million of the most influential decision makers at over 2 million important organizations – decision makers in specific roles, operating in a particular industry, supporting a specific cause or mission, sitting on certain boards, or simply having unique expertise. Identifying the people that matter most to your business and then uncovering pathways to reach them is the real power of RelSci.

2. Intelligence

It’s impossible to stay up to date on every client, prospect, investor, donor, or supporter, even if you’ve trained yourself to function off two hours of sleep a night. There’s simply too much to keep track of.

RelSci’s platform is built on “people-driven intelligence.” It collects, filters, and organizes data for you on key decision makers in a wide variety of industries. Access research-based profiles on companies and individuals within RelSci’s proprietary database of millions. Additionally, RelSci sends custom news and alerts that surface important happenings and items of interest automatically. The software’s intelligence functions are designed to save you time digging up research about the people who are most important to your business. You can both search for valuable information (profiles) and receive it (alerts) from a single platform that gathers data from thousands of credible sources, and consolidates it all for you.

3. Strategy

Where do we go next? What new markets should we consider? What types of expertise can we access? Where are we at risk? These questions continually swirl around the boardrooms of every company and worry senior executives, regardless of size or industry.

No technology is omniscient enough to give a straightforward “yes” or “no” to questions like these, but the strategic functions within RelSci’s platform help executives assess risk and make smarter business decisions. A look through the lens of your organization’s direct relationships and extended network across industry, location, and role provides insights on areas of strength and inroads to potential new markets or offerings. The dramatic increase in knowledge gained from RelSci’s relationship capital software leads to more successful long-term strategies that will benefit your organization.

RelSci’s Feature List

Now that we’ve outlined the primary functions of RelSci’s technology, let’s take a deep dive into the features. The purpose of each varies, but all are designed to help you maximize the potential of your relationship capital:

Profiles – How much do you know about your prospects, donors, or clients? How much do you want to know but aren’t sure where to look? RelSci’s proprietary database includes in-depth profiles of 6+ million influential decision makers in 2+ million organizations for which you can perform unlimited searches.. The profiles of companies and individuals are research-based (no unverifiable social network data) and include rich details such as connections, relationships, education, memberships, career history, corporate boards, non-profit boards, non-profit donations, political donations, public holdings, awards and honors, and events.

Path Finder – This feature illuminates your first-degree or extended connections to various people in any given organization, industry, or even geographic region. Filtering allows you to toggle your “map” and customize the view to your liking. Ultimately, you’ll uncover pathways to key decision makers that you didn’t know you had and be armed with information on how to reach them.

Power Search – Perform a Power Search within RelSci’s proprietary database of millions by name, industry, role, educational institution, political cause, donation, and more. Your search results will reveal a custom map of connections from you to the target. The more proliferate the connections, the greater the likelihood that you’ll gain an introduction or receive a response from the person or organization you reach out to. The Power Search tool is particularly valuable for anyone who needs to build or qualify prospect lists.

Discovery Tool – Designed for senior executives who don’t want to be immersed in the nitty gritty, the Discovery Tool provides a dashboard view of your organization’s relationship capital. Executives can see direct relationships and extended networks across an industry, location, and role to aid them in making critical business decisions. As part of the strategy-driven features within RelSci’s technology, the Discovery Tool helps senior leaders gain insights about which markets to approach, where to leverage expertise, and how to mitigate risk.

360° Alerts – A cornerstone of the intelligence capabilities within RelSci’s platform, 360° Alerts is a customized report delivered to your inbox daily. The report is much more than links to news articles – it contains information like stock sales, transactions, job changes, donations, and other key professional developments not typically covered by the media. You can set up a 360° Alert for a specific person (and all the entities that person is affiliated with) by clicking the ‘follow’ tab on a profile. These notifications are conveniently displayed on the home page, providing you with quick and easy access to the latest news regarding companies, focus lists and agendas. Once you get familiarized with Relsci, the 360° alerts page will become extremely valuable, keeping you up to date on significant activities. This could ultimately provide your business with that competitive edge to win a deal, gain capital or even entice a donor.

Contact Sync – Gathering all the contacts you’ve made over the years is easier than you think. You can automatically sync your contacts from Gmail, Outlook, CSV file, and your mobile phone which instantly integrates into our system. This is the starting point to leveraging your personal relationship capital to new open doors.

Lists – No need for separate Excel sheets or Steno notepads. Keep lists of people you want to keep track of, run paths to or from, receive news alerts on, or perform analyses on using RelSci’s platform. Add or edit lists as needed to keep your “rosters” organized.

Saved Search Alerts – Get automatic alerts when new people or organizations enter RelSci’s database that meet criteria you define. The database is continually growing and evolving and will be one of your most important resources. This tool is particularly valuable for finding new prospects.

Proprietary Data Integration – If you know key decision makers who aren’t yet included in RelSci’s database, or have additional information about people or organizations that are in the database, this integration allows you to fill the gaps. The software allows you to track these relationships (for use in relationship paths) and store proprietary details.

Relationship Sharing – Join forces with your colleagues to combine knowledge and connections. Relationship sharing helps teams identify the best ways to reach an individual or organization and achieve a common goal.

API & Data Feed Availability – Concerned about adding yet another software system into your company’s technology stack? License RelSci’s data and sophisticated algorithms in a variety of formats for seamless integration into the proprietary systems you already use.

Contact Aggregator – With this feature, you can create a valuable repository of everyone your company knows. Install software behind your firewall that automatically connects to your communications servers to look at email traffic (To/From/CC fields only), contacts, and calendar entries. From there, the Contact Aggregator tool syncs to RelSci’s platform and automatically pulls in connections. The relationship data from Contact Aggregator can also feed other internal systems such as your CRM.

Additional features of RelSci’s relationship capital platform include:

  • Mobile App Access
  • CRM Integration
  • Support Hotline & Dedicated CSM
  • Custom Research & Development

*Note that some features vary depending on your membership level.

RelSci’s News & Alerts for Free

Want to try before you buy? Explore what RelSci has to offer with seven free profile views per month and access to the News & Alerts tool. You’ll be able to experience how the technology keeps you in the know with a personalized news feed containing biographical data and curated articles, delivered daily to your inbox.

As RelSci’s founder Neal Goldman told Fortune, “Right now this is a simple, low-commitment thing. You can go to the site and see news pages that never existed online before on all sorts of topics.”

Click here to try RelSci’s relationship capital software for free.

Customer Testimonials

You won’t be the first to use RelSci’s powerful platform. Industry titans such as Nasdaq, Dell, Harvard University, The Met, and the American Cancer Society have all maximized the potential of their network with relationship capital software.

Don’t take our word for it – take theirs:

“Relationship Science has 100% changed the careers of certain senior bankers. Certain people now work half as much and generate twice the revenue.”
– Investment Banker

“RelSci helped us bring in over $100K in donations by revealing connections we never knew about.”
– Non-Profit COO

“One of our business development heads was trying to close on an $800M deal with a developer, but we needed to gain access to the Private Equity firm that owns the developer to solidify the deal. We looked up the PE firm in RelSci, and right away saw that our CEO had numerous paths into the head of the firm, including both a professional path and a path through a board he sits on. Our CEO got in touch with the PE firm, and we closed the deal.”
– Construction Firm

“RelSci was a game changer in our placement of a new CEO. Using RelSci we were able to take a search that generally takes 6 months to a year and make it happen in 35-40 days. RelSci called out important connections between both sides of the equation– we wish we’d used it sooner.”
– Executive Search Firm

“I found out that one of our senior executives sits on a board with a current board member at a company that’s been a prospect of ours for years. We’ve repeatedly had trouble getting in front of them, but we’re now in active conversations because of the connection we found. RelSci has been extremely helpful in identifying senior relationships like this.”
– Energy Company Director


RelSci’s relationship capital platform brings science to the art of business relationships. We believe “there’s always a way” and our technology is designed to give you the information you need to be successful. Contact us to learn more about how we can help or to see a demo of the software.